Businesses and liberal professions

Each new project is considered a blank page. I carry out rigorous recommendations, according to the my clients’ objectives.

Are you attentive to the image conveyed to your employees and customers?
My aspiration, beyond the decorative dimension, is that the chosen art work would be perceived as a signature and the perfect reflection of the values you wish to convey.

I will accompany you at your various events, through the organisation of a solo show, a group show, a performance or a workshop visit. This will allow you to strengthen bonds with your employees or create new dynamics with your customers.

I can take care of all the steps of the process: from the targeted research according to your specifications, to the negotiation of transport or even the installation and on-site securing of the works.

My comprehensive support also includes financing and tax optimisation. Through a network of qualified professionals, I can offer you different forms of innovative tax reductions.

Ask me for a personalized simulation!


I can offer you support through various specific services.

In the back office, this includes assembling files, visual and financial simulations, document writing, developing exhibitions, prospecting for artists, building customer loyalty and enhancing your clientele.

In the field, by assisting you during openings, appointments or fairs, I offer assistance and a salesforce during the different events that punctuate your work.

Alejandro Javaloyas

Nadège Mouyssinat