I offer a range of specific solutions to address the problems you encounter :

Coaching Mission

In terms of the development of your practice, we will set up two appointments (an hour and a half each) after having agreed on the different points to improve. The result of these appointments will create an efficient and personalised strategy, the outlines of which I will have previously determined by drawing up a precise action plan. Each of my coaching sessions is the subject of a written report containing recommendations for optimisation and is enriched by an audit of all pre-existing documents and pages that you provide me with. This report includes a summary of the items covered and allows you to be fully present during our exchange while keeping track of the process. I only consider the coaching completed when the initiated strategy has achieved the set goals.

The theme of my coaching will fit your specific needs. Here are some examples that can guide your personal reflection:

– Presentation of the art market and its codes

– Development of a web strategy (social networks, website, etc.) optimisation and automation of their uses to save as much time as possible so that you can focus on your art work

– Development of visibility

– Written and oral scenarios so you don’t miss any sales

It’s up to you to tell me your specific needs!

Additionally or independently, we can set up regular accompaniment in the form of shorter but more recurring coaching sessions. I become your motivational partner. Depending on your availability, this can take the form of a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly appointment where we will focus on what has worked and adjust your strategy. I will remotely assist you in your tasks and provide reliable and regular support.

Gallery Prospecting

It can be complicated and tedious to determine which galleries are suited for you, which is why I propose to list different French and international galleries, corresponding to your needs.

This service takes the form of a file containing all the contact details of the selected galleries. I also review the template for your solicitation email and your presentation file. Moreover, I will guide you through an interactive coaching session that will simulate phone calls. And finally, to get these new collaborations off to a good start, an exhibition contract and a standard deposit form are drawn up by a lawyer specialising in intellectual property.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide a means to an end, not an end result.

Preparation of files and drafting

The key to your representation to the outside world lies in your portfolio. This codified document must personify your practice, your approach, your products but also reflect who you are. For the less experienced, I offer to craft your portfolio, which will allow you to solicit collectors, galleries, and institutions with ease.

I can also ghost-write your biographies, artistic approaches, call for projects, essays for exhibitions, catalogues, and websites.

Press relation, community management

To open your workshop to the Art Market, it is essential to think about its virtual presence and thus be able to reach the whole world, while promoting sales. I offer you the development of a global strategy for your social networks through a rigorous methodology aimed at optimising your visibility.

Moreover, you can entrust me with the management of this task in an outsourced way, as well as the maintenance of your website and your emailing campaigns.

One-time assignments

In order to optimise your time at the workshop, I use my expertise in funding, assistance and complementary salesforce at fairs – openings – private events…