Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics has been written to reinforce the trust of my clients. It is representative of my commitment and the seriousness with which I exercise my profession.


I pledge to conduct myself in a highly professional manner and in accordance with the provisions of this Code, in all my dealings specifically with my clients but also with everyone in general.

Confidentiality of information provided by the customer

I consider all information that is not in the public domain to be confidential and undertake not to disclose any privileged or protected information given to me by a client without their express permission.

Conflict of Interest

I do not accept any mandate that could constitute, or appear to constitute, a conflict of interest (or appearance of conflict). I must disclose to my clients any personal and professional interests, as well as the circumstances that may affect my judgment and objectivity. In such a case, I must obtain the client’s written consent before proceeding with the engagement.


I consider that my primary duty is to provide the client with services corresponding to a high standard of practice. I agree that I will not carry out a specific mandate if I do not have sufficient knowledge and skills to do so. In such a case, I can refer the client to another professional specialized in the field of the mandate to be performed.


I must act in all circumstances for the benefit of the client. My professional services must demonstrate integrity, objectivity, and independence of mind. Therefore, my duty is to advise the client if I feel that their expectations are not realistic.

Fees and Client Agreement

I undertake to agree in advance with the client on the costs and fees related to my services. In addition, the fee will be proportional with the nature and extent of the services provided, my skills and level of experience, and the level of accountability required by the client. If applicable, before accepting a mandate, I must enter into an agreement with the client specifying the objectives sought, the scope of the mandate, the work schedule, and the associated fees and expenses.